About Ethan

I'm eleven and a rising fifth grader. I feel like I've been singing since I was born. So, at the age of seven it was only natural for me to pick up a guitar and see if I could play along. I've always loved all kinds of music, which comes from my parents, who have very eclectic musical tastes. I gravitate to singer-songwriter music. Songs by Vance Joy, Adam Levine/Maroon 5, Pat Monahan/Train and others like them are more of what influences my own song writing. Some other musicians and bands that come to mind are Red Hot Chili Peppers, Michael Jackson, Eminem, and right now I’d say Twenty One Pilots is my favorite band to listen to.


I've taken on camera acting and improvisational acting since I was four years old.  I told my mom I wanted to be "in the tv" after seeing the Harry Potter movies when I was four. I had motor tics so my parents thought maybe I'd stop if I saw myself doing them. I had a verbal tic also but it presented as allergies so it took twenty-three doctors over six years to figure out what was going on. The tics didn't stop, eventually having been diagnosed with Tourette's in the middle of second grade, but I had fallen in love with performing. My tics come and go, sometimes are better or worse, and can be annoying making it harder for me to play guitar, but I just don't let them affect me. They are there, they'll be there until who knows when, so I just work around them.

When I’m not playing my music or acting I like just being a kid on my bike and playing with my friends. I love my parents, the color green, sleepaway camp, swimming, and generally being as active as possible. My favorite days are the days I've done a hundred things. 


I'm very socially conscious and I want the world to be a better place. I've always been interested in different kinds of activism with a focus on the homeless and LGBTQ rights and concerns.

I hope my music keeps you company along your own journey through life.  Thank you for taking the time to listen!